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About The Seminar

Presented by Affinity Advisory Network, this live seminar is presented to a maximum audience of 24 individuals who are entering or already retired.  During this one hour meeting a free lunch will be served.  Our presenter will expose some of the unique tactics and strategies developed exclusively by Affinity that have been proven successful in protecting assets while maintaining eligibility for all state and federal benefits.


You'll Learn

How to protect all your assets
How to maximize state and federal benefits
How to qualify for VA benefits of up to $2,120/mo.
How to set up supplemental retirement income for life

David Romans is the Public Relations Manager and VA Accredited Claims Agent at Affinity Advisory Network, LLC.  David has been a part of the Affinity Network for five years and has given hundreds of seminars.  David keeps current on all the changes to the rules and regulations impacting every facet of retirement and estate planning. 

About Our Presenter

David Romans

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